About Terrance


So when I first picked up a pair of clippers it was just for fun to get myself cleaned up in between hair cuts from my barber, who later was the reason why I decided to turn this into a career. At the age of 13 I was just cutting my friends and teammates.

Something that was just for fun quickly turned into a hobby, something I liked to do on the side as my “little extra change”. When I went to college I wanted to make some fast cash so I pulled out a chair in front of the dorms on the first day of classes and got busy hooking up my roommates and some random kids walking by; this went on until I graduated from college where I was known as “Teddy the Barber” on campus.

After college I didn’t know what I really wanted to do but one thing I did know is that I didn’t want to stop cutting and learning. I decided to go to Austin’s School of Spa Technology, were I was lucky enough to have some of the best barber instructors. I quickly grasped the concept of barbering and fell in love! I needed to know more, I wanted to know more.

I finished one of the top barbers in my class and was ready to work full-time in the barbershop I had been working in throughout school – continuing to learn and listen to what other barbers were telling me, yet staying in my lane.

Some months went by and I was asked to come back and teach barbering at Austin’s. I was honored and scared, but I knew this would be a great learning experience for me. I got right to work trying to set a positive example from the knowledge I was given from my past instructors.

After a few years at the school and working part-time at the shop, my clients were demanding more of my time.  I made the decision to work full-time at the barbershop and things really began to take off for me! Because of my relationships in the community, I was able to cross paths with local barber icons in the Albany, NY area. I gained so much knowledge about “the do’s and don’t” of barbering that helped me a lot to get where I am today – a “SHOP OWNER”! I feel so blessed to be able to have this opportunity to do what I love and to service the community G.B.L

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